EEAET 2020
Jeju Island, South Korea, August 25-27, 2020
2020 Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering Education, Advanced Education and Training

Poster Session

Poster Session IX

On the Relationship between the Psychological Ability and Sports Ability and Enlightenment of Physical Education of Ice and Snow Athletes in Colleges and Universities
Bo Yang
Research on the Association between Eye Contact and Social Phobia in Chinese College Students Based on a Binomial Logistic Regression Equation Model
Dachuan Zheng, Zhongyan Lin, Jun Shen, Haixia Lai
Application and Exploration of 6S Management System in the College Mechanical Laboratorie
Shuwei Lv, Mei Yang
College Ideological and Political Education in the New Media Era
Xiaojuan Yang, Jinqiao Huang, Guibin Zhang, Jie Su, Lingyi Yin
The Way Party Member Teachers Play an Important Role in the Reform of “Course Ideological Education” and Teaching in Universities
Guifang Zhang, Qiang Wang, Wenbin Liu
The Construction Path of University Course Teaching from the Viewpoint of Course Education
Zhi Cheng
The Influence of Online Education on the Future Development Direction of Higher Education
Xiaohong Fang, Chengwei Zhang
On the Teaching Reform of Environmental Art Design Major in Higher Vocational Education
Xiaomei Gao, Ying Zhao
The Curriculum Reform of Circuit Foundation in Applied Undergraduate Institutions
Zhoulin Chang, Qiyan Yan, Fu Mo, Hanhong Tan, Yongqiu Liu, Xia Liu
Teaching Methods of Welding Professional English in Vocational Colleges
Zhiling Wang
The Study On the Training Mode of "Combination of Work and Study" in Higher Vocational Schools
Xiao Ding, Zhiling Wang
Research on the Transformation of Online Teaching Paradigm of Journalism Course
Xianjie Fang
Reform in Classrooms Based on College Students' Course Experience and Modern Educational Technology in China
Chao Sun
Cultivation of Innovation and Practice Abilities of Engineering College Students
Zhengrong Wang, Lulu Qin
On the Reform of "Financial Risk Management" Course in Application-Oriented Universities
Yueying Xu