EEAET 2020
Jeju Island, South Korea, August 25-27, 2020
2020 Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering Education, Advanced Education and Training

Poster Session

Poster Session VI

On the Reform of Teaching and Evaluation Methods of College Students' Aesthetic Education in the Information Age —Taking Vocal Music Teaching as an Example
Xin Guan
The Construction of Martial Arts Culture Education System in Chinese Colleges and Universities in the Information Age
Shihong Li, Zhuojia Li, Huixin Yang, Fei Xu, Jiyong Lv
Application of Machine Learning in Smart Education
Shijin Li, Ting Shi, Yijia Gao
Exploration of the Mode of Importing Foreign High-Quality Educational Resources-Taking SHU-UTS Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce as an Example
Congjuan Wang, Xiaohan Hu
Research on the Training Mode of Innovative Talents Based on the Second Classroom
Jian Huang, Zichen Bai
Construction of Information-Based Teaching Mode of Ideological and Political Courses in Private Vocational Colleges under the Background of New Media Technology
Liqin Zhang, Qianwen Wang
Analysis and Application of University Education Data under the Background of Big Data
Xiaofei Wang
Discussion on the Thinking and Application of Information Technology in Graphic Design Teaching
Qianqian Zhai
Internet of Things Application in College English Translation Teaching
Jing Li
Analysis of the Application of Public Relations Course under the Background of Internet +
Yanyu Chen
Analysis of Smart Education Teaching System and Key Technologies
Qiaofen Ji
Reflection on the Cultivation of Students' Aesthetic Ability in Fine Arts Education
Xiaoling Zhang 
Construction of  Theory and Practice Teaching System Focusing on Training of Student’S Ability to Solve Complex Engineering Problems-Take Mechanical Undergraduates as an Example
Yan Bai, Yue Wang
The Construction of Artificial Intelligence System in the Field of Talent Training under the Background of New Engineering
Yue Wang, Yan Bai
Exploration and Construction of Analog Electronic Technology Experiment Teaching Under the Background of Emerging Engineering Education
Hongmei Xu, Ruihan Jiang
Teaching Reform and Practice of The Digital Signal Processing Course
Yarong Chen, Jianxin Guo, Jie Jiang, Feng Wang, Rui Zhu