EEAET 2020
Jeju Island, South Korea, August 25-27, 2020
2020 Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering Education, Advanced Education and Training

Poster Session

Poster Session VIII

Exploring the Way to Improve Teaching Skills of Students Majoring in Physical Education: Based on the Practice of Inter-Professional Peer Counseling in S Colleges and Universities
Weiwei Lin
Corpus-Based Syntactic Complexity Analyzing of Texts by L2 Learners
Ronggen Zhang
Construction of the Quality Evaluation System of Applied Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities Based on CIPP Model
Dandan Zeng, Li Sun
Facilitating Student Engagement Through Task-Based Language Teaching
Weihe Xue, Zhisheng Huang
Exploration on the Integration of Chinese Medicine Culture into the Teaching Reform of Advanced Stage of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language: a Case Study of Xuanhu Log (Excerpt)
Lu Zhang
The Application of Case Teaching Method in Business Teaching: Research on the Teaching Mode of Enterprise Strategic Management Based on “Two Subjects + Cases”
Yuwei Wang
Design and Research of Inverted Classroom Teaching of Information Technology Integrating into the Major of Finance and Economics
Jiangmei Lin
Optimization of Administrative Efficiency and Educational Methods Based on Information Technology
Qing Guan
Secondary Vocational English Teaching Reform under the New Media Environment
Xiaoyan Han
Construction Strategy of Production Line of Teaching Animation Project under the Background of Modern Apprenticeship
Minhong Dai, Bingnan Pang, Cui Wen
Teaching Design and Application of Virtual Simulation Organic Chemistry Experiment
Chunyan Wang, Lianwei Shan, Hui Tang, Xiulan He
How to Promote the Construction of English Translation Norms of Chinese Medicine Trade Names Through Translation Education
Yawei Yu, Lulu Zhong, Jing Yu
How to Use Micro-Class in Electrical and Electronic Course to Construct Efficient Course Teaching Under the Information Technology
Dan Li
The Teaching Design of Micro-Class in Electrical and Electronic Course
Yan Dong
Application of Online and Offline Mixed Teaching in Linear Algebra Course
Lijie Ma
Practical Application Model of "Three-Line" Chemistry Teaching Model in Colleges and Universities Based on Big Data Under the Background of Epidemic Prevention and Control
Yusheng Xie