EEAET 2020
Jeju Island, South Korea, August 25-27, 2020
2020 Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering Education, Advanced Education and Training

Poster Session

Poster Session X

A Research on the Current Situation of the Influence of Physical Education on the Physical Fitness of Teenagers in My Country
Tianchang Li, Bo Pang, Qi Ma
Comparative Analysis of Physical Health Tests of College Students in Southern Henan Province
Yue Ren, Jun Chu, Weijie Liu
Cultivation of Sound Personality of Accompanying Mother and Child Based on Educational Psychology
Jieqiong Zhou
Ideological and Moral Education Methods of Chinese Youth——Start from the Existing Problems, Causes and Countermeasures
Wei Li
The Importance of Investor's Rational Education to the Choice of Household Financial Assets
Yuting Zhang, Chongke Zhao
Problems and Countermeasures of Cultivating College Students' Innovative Entrepreneurship Spirit
Tianhua Zhang, Lina Chai
Thoughts and Innovations of Ideological and Political Courses in Universities under the New
Xin Liu, Yanjun Gong
The International Vision of Moral Education in Literature Education
Lili Wei
The Foreign Vision of the Guidance of Literature Communication and Moral Education
Lili Wei
Counselors’ Role in First Year Students’ Mental Health Construction in Chinese Private Colleges
Chao Sun